Final Geotechnical Baseline Report 1.0 - Introduction REGIONAL CONNECTOR TRANSIT CORRIDOR PROJECT April 20, 2012 Page 2 1.2 Scope of the Geotechnical Baseline Report This GBR pertains to the underground portions of the RCTC project. For example, geotechnical investigations may include many reports that may be difficult to integrate in a single interpretative work. The BNSF railroadcrossing and the associated launch and reception pit and shafts arethe subject of this Geotechnical Baseline Report (GBR). 0 The GBR included characterization of the geotechnical parameters and As such, it is an effective tool for the management of differing ground conditions, provided that the GBR is incorporated in the contract as a warranty and without disclaimers. Geotechnical Baseline Report Revised August 28, 2020 Murrieta Road Transmission Pipeline Project No. In conclusion, since ‘it is legitimate, and commercially desirable, that both parties should be able to measure the risk, and agree the price on the basis of the warranties which have been given and accepted’, data and reports on ground conditions may be considered a term or a warranty when they are expressly incorporated in the contract, as long as there is no uncertain language and there are no waivers or disclaimers. ... volume of soil excavated along the length of the tunnel alignment will consist of cobbles and boulders." 12374.001 -4- 2.0 GEOTECHNI CAL CONDITIONS Presented below are “baseline” site geologic/geotechnical conditions based on review of pertinent literature and the site-specific field exploration (Leighton, 2020). Eugenio Zoppis is a PhD Researcher at King’s College in London. in case of disputes. Proposed Tunnel System. If the contractor’s concern is that the employer may disclose this information to other tenderers, a means to dispel it is that of depositing the bidding documents as Escrow Bidding Documents, or EBD to be used only when necessary, e.g. Description (cont’d) • Contractor proposed a self-built open face Figure 1 shows the approximate location of the crossing. The actual conditions then encountered are measured against this baseline. foundations, utilities or other geotechnical hazards Engineering Group of the Geological Society 15th September 2009 Example of a baseline statement (1) • Tunnel in glacial till • Boulders of rock are to be anticipated • Estimated 100 to 300 boulders • Set baseline at 300 boulders – the risk of unforeseen ground conditions is removed Another good reason to give a balanced position to the GBR is that of motivating each party to resolve the difficulties that eventuate during construction within their capability and in the interest of the project that should be completed on time and within the budget. Present the results of geotechnical investigations conducted for the project in a factual manner. Submitted herewith is the Phase 1 Geotechnical Baseline Report for the proposed improvements to LBJ Freeway. The court upheld the principle of certainty of price and performance. Final Geotechnical Baseline Report November 28, 2018. Technical Specifications Report. Through his career John has been retained to undertake forensic investigations of geotechnical failures and expert reviews of underground construction claims on more than 50 projects. The GBR should take a practical approach in defining the site conditions; it should focus not only on the ground but also on the method of work. That is the reason why ground conditions are best expressed in terms of characterization and probability. In the ‘tufa’ case Bacal Construction (Midlands) Ltd. v Northampton Development Corporation, where the employer prepared a report on ground conditions on which the tender price was to be based, an English Court held that ‘there should be an implied term or warranty that the ground conditions would accord with the hypothesis upon which the contractors had been contracted’ and the risk, under differing circumstances, should be borne by the employer. Report, the Environmental Baseline Report, or the Geotechnical & Environmental Data Report as set forth in Section 5.7.2 or a foundation type for a Structure that is substantially different from the foundation type identified in TR Appendix S for Tunnel projects are linear and can extend for miles . By contrast, the GBR is a document that is known by all and, when used at the bidding stage, places all contenders on level ground, promoting a conscious and keen tender pricing. INTRODUCTIONIn recent years, the use of geotechnical baseline reports (GBRs) on microtunneling projects has become increasingly popular. Therefore, baselines and DSC should be ‘most clearly and unambiguously expressed’ (W&S Pollock & Co. v McCrae, 1922). General Planning Consultant Six Managed by HDR Pre-bid reports prepared for contractors preceded the advent of GBRs. �n��V�i�b��w�ݬ���z�3p�e��t��Z�^�ų�,�q�m��k�}�tJ�����)gs�`��ށ{o���D*��̮�D�eS���y�?˰�t�s� ������d֖�:�*��խ7��n��C��>q�9�r�*7�zWY�p��������+�Yݕ�,��-����I��c��G\�R���Xc/%�A��w�Zq���:�H��2��$I�����%#h)=�Y�@g��Bv/x_������~�����B��".zL�9Ƃ�4 ��|�y8��{b$ 0�W*@��|�z��#�HH4�+�B�I��د@�;G�p��x�@;t���e. The Geotechnical Baseline Report (GBR)is intended to form the basis for establishing the ground related risks in the design and construction for the execution of Underground Works, and as such is critical in providing a balanced allocation of risk between the Parties. This would create fertile ground for denial of responsibility and disputes, especially when there is an expensive bill to pay as a consequence of adverse ground conditions. Specific details of the current vertical alignments are shown on Geological Section Drawings 252-255, 258-262 and 326-337 which are contained in Appendix B. The Geotechnical Baseline Report (GBR) is a statement representing the known ground conditions in a project site. A potential weakness of the GBR lies in this very point. Revision A . management of such risks is essential and critical, and for the Tsuen Wan Drainage Tunnel (TWDT) was implemented by the inclusion of the Geotechnical Baseline Report (GBR) into Tender Documentation. 2 Page 6, Field Trip Guide "Tunneling Through a Miocene Plate Boundary" by Chris Risden and Ivy Morrison. Please subscribe below to ensure delivery of future digital editions. This Geotechnical Baseline Report (GBR) summarizes the geotechnical basis for design and construction of the Cowmire and Coldwater Stormwater Tunnels and is intended for use by bidders as an aid in bid preparation. Then, the contractor does not need to be predictive and include further contingencies in his price beyond the limit of the conditions defined in the contract baseline. GEOTECHNICAL INVESTIGATION CITY OF HOUSTON SURFACE WATER TRANSMISSION PROGRAM CONTRACT 74A-1 WATERLINE COH WBS NO. Therefore, the first question is what conditions are expressly or impliedly foreseen under the contract. However, this is the very reason for putting the common seal to a single GBR, warranted and relied upon by the parties. If the contractor comes across a more adverse condition Finally, the GBR can make the parties lay out clear conditions that prevent ‘the “pinch points” that provide fertile ground for the growth of legal risk …’ (Capper, 1994). ... Geotechnical Baseline Report. The Ground Risk and Geotechnical Baseline Reports: A Legal Perspective, A Unified Industry-Wide Voice for the Future of Tunneling, Proving Ground: Twin Bores Provide Perfect Test Bed for BTrenchless, NUCA Calls On New Administration To Keep Its Focus On Infrastructure, Hobas Pipe USA Supports Critical San Antonio Infrastructure Project, NHEO Institute, Bechtel Partner To Advance Innovative Safety Practices, Bouygues-Barletta JV to Build Pawtucket Tunnel. During construction, the baseline may be compared with actual conditions, in order to determine if and how much these circumstances are more unfavorable than expected, and to evaluate the appropriate compensation. 1764 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<59B38C246B2FF440950F57BF29236683><1DB92ECBFE83A2449A4790C454B598D6>]/Index[1756 16]/Info 1755 0 R/Length 58/Prev 376390/Root 1757 0 R/Size 1772/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream Also employers may fear that ground information is used to the contractor’s advantage. 100 pp. This Report was Prepared for DART . 0064‐M06‐032 Virginia Department of Transportation. Geotechnical Baseline Report . As described in more detail in the following sections, the underground portions of the project include the bored Another controversial point is when the DSC includes terms that are related to performance, e.g. A similar definition is included in A Code of Practice for Risk Management of Tunnel Works, prepared by ITIG in May 2012, which used the term of ‘Ground Reference Conditions’. It is impossible to predict with certainty what lies beneath the surface in any given position, unless the investigations are carried out on that very spot. When the parameters of ground conditions that ought to be foreseen cannot be reasonably obtained by the contractor through his site investigations, the information provided by the employer at tender stage becomes essential to define what is foreseeable under the contract, as shown below. Thank you and be well. In Thorn v London Corporation, the court dismissed the contractor’s allegation that there would be an implied warranty as to plans and specifications providing the use of caissons that were not buildable due to adverse ground conditions, as ‘although it was the engineer who suggested building those caissons, the builder promised he would’. Road tunnel, highway tunnel, geotechnical investigation, geotechnical baseline report, cut-and-cover tunnel, drill-and-blast, mined tunnel, bored tunnel, rock tunneling, soft ground tunneling, sequential excavation method (SEM), immersed tunnel, jacked box tunnel, seismic consideration, Tunnelling in Difficult Ground: How the Geotechnical Baseline Report Helps R. Perlo, M. Swales and T. Kane w��Y. The Geotechnical Baseline Report (GBR)is intended to form the basis for establishing the ground related risks in the design and construction for the execution of Underground Works, and as such is critical in providing a balanced allocation of risk between the Parties. ... Geotechnical Data Report. GEOTECHNICAL BASELINE REPORT FOR OUTLET WORKS CVO/BSW GEOTECHNICAL BASELINE REPORT.DOC 1-1 1. Dallas, Texas . Final Geotechnical Baseline Report 1.0 - Introduction REGIONAL CONNECTOR TRANSIT CORRIDOR PROJECT April 20, 2012 Page 2 1.2 Scope of the Geotechnical Baseline Report This GBR pertains to the underground portions of the RCTC project.
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