Alliant’s ASBE-accredited program provides an alternative pathway to teacher certification for full-time teachers on an intern teaching certificate. We at Alliant International University have been proud to live up to the ‘International’ in our name. Clinical Psychology Masters Program in Japan. liveagent.init('', '572380000004Chq', '00D500000007U5i'); Prepare for a career in business by understanding the technology and data that drive modern organizations at the California School of Management and Leadership. Enrich your life while impacting the lives of others with an online degree, certificate, or credential from the California School of Education. It’s about getting a great education in a diverse and supportive environment that prepares you for a professional career. Teaching staff are drawn from both CSPP faculty in the U.S. and Hong Kong and the professional psychological community in Hong Kong. Learn more about our outstanding faculty members. if (document.getElementsByClassName('chat').length){document.getElementsByClassName("chat")[0].onclick=function (){liveagent.startChat('573380000004Cn1')}} //--> Therefore, a graduate of this designated program who decides to apply for licensure as a psychologist typically will meet the jurisdictional educational requirements for licensing. No longer does the American household fit one shape, size, or style. Credential programs with Alliant … This program is not accredited by APA. • Education Specialist in School Psychology (with Pupil Personnel Services Credential and Emphasis in School Based Mental Health) • English for Speakers of Other Languages • Master of Arts in Education- Educational Administration • Master of Arts in Education- School … This program meets the “Guidelines for Defining ‘Doctoral Degree in Psychology’” as implemented by the ASPPB/National Register Designation Project. [CDATA[// >