What We Buy

Starlite Components Limited regularly requires the following varieties of Raw Material. Quality & Cost Companies that would like to become a partner, please fill the supplier registration form.

  1. Electronic Components: Resistor, Capacitors, Inductors, ICs, Fuse, PCB etc.
  2. Mechanical Products: Aluminum Extrusion, Aluminum Pressure Die Cast, Sheet Metal Working, Plastic Molding etc.
  3. Consumables: - Three Bond 2217H & Single Components Exposy Resin, Solder Bits, Micro Shear, Solder Gun, Industrial Foam, Damping Pad, Screw Shoulder. Solder Wire, Solder Sticks, Flux, Thinner, Glue, Grease.
  4. Packaging Material: - Corrugated Boxes, Stickers, Straps, Tapes