Marching Ahead – Go Green

PrStarlite’s logo, of ‘The Chinar Leaf’ in Green, emphasis the importance of energy efficiency and conservation for Starlite as a Company. Starlite has always worked towards being an environmentally efficient company and Starlite also designs its products on these very principles. We at Starlite, strive to improve efficiencies of our products and services.

With the addition of the Energy Saving Halogen, LED & Induction Lighting Range, Starlite has taken a strong stand to ensure that we deliver quality products and minimize the carbon footprint of lighting products in the market.

Starlite as a Team has decided to educate everyone it is in correspondence with about the importance of energy efficiency and more importantly the ways and means to do so. In the coming years we hope to create a Greener world and work towards ensuring a safe, healthy and peaceful environment for the entire mankind.

We are marching forward towards a greener future. Go Green.