50% Increase in Electronic Driver & Ballast Production Capacity

ballastWith growing demand, Starlite has been constantly increasing capacity and investing in world-class machinery. Over the last year, Starlite has doubled its production capacity from 10 million units to 20 million units of Electronic Ballasts and Drivers per year. Starlite has added new Surface Mounting and Component Insertion Machines, to increase automation and speed of production.

With the increased capacity and improved machines, Starlite now has the ability to make products for higher complexity and more variety. To take advantage of this technology, Starlite will further increase its product range and domain. Starlite will also offer its services to other companies that would require such services.

For the coming year, Starlite has set a very optimistic target of taking utilization of machines to the next level. Also to reduce waste and maximize time, manpower and energy expenses.