Automation is the key to success in the business environment today. Correct steps towards automation reduce costs, overheads and improve efficiency. With such added advantages, Starlite can have an edge over its competitors in the market.

Automation is also advantageous for organization as it avoids many risk involved in production process like working of human resources in dangerous and strenuous working environment. It allows performing task which are beyond human capability, with this automation allows organization to meet the market demand by increase in production capacity and utilization. We believe in the importance of Human Resource for a company and so we will take all steps to ensure that we provide them with the best tools to ensure maximum results.

Starlite has invested in state of the art LED/Electronic Surface Mounting and Insertion machines, from Japan. Starlite has also added a lot of small machinery to aid the process and improve the efficiency and out put of each employee. This has resulted in higher outputs and lower through put time of production. Using such techniques, Starlite is striving towards cutting costs and improving quality at the same time.