Company Profile

vissionStarlite Components Limited was established in the year 1991. It began operations with the production of tungsten filaments used in GLS lamps. It produced superior quality filaments and gained reputation in the market. Over the next years, Starlite has added to its range of products Metal Caps for GLS Bulb and Filaments for CFLs.

21st With the start of the 21st century, the management and promoters of Starlite realized that the lighting industry was moving towards greener sources of energy and the future of lighting was in the field of Fluorescent Lighting and Light Emitting Diodes. So the Board of Starlite took the strategic decision to move into manufacture and production of electronic drivers and ballasts for Energy Efficient Lighting Products. Starlite has been extremely successful in this doing so and has a manufacturing capacity of over 40 million units of ballasts annually.

After the consolidation of the electronics business, seeing the scope and potential SCL has now diversified towards the manufacture of LED, Halogen and Induction Lighting Products.

For technical know-how and assistance SCL has joined hands with 2 very prominent companies in the area of LED and Induction Lighting based in US and Germany. This along with SCL’s experience in manufacturing and its knowledge about the Indian market, the prospects appear to be very promising.

Starlite has become a very popular name in the Industry in the last 20 years. The promoters of SCL are veterans of the Indian Lighting Industry, with an experience of over 40 years. In accordance with their vision, SCL has set is target towards becoming a leader in the Lighting Industry over the next decade.

vissionStarlite Components Ltd. (SCL), formed in 1991, It has a production capacity of 30 millions electronic ballasts and drivers for CFL / LED, with Japanese Surface Mounting Machines, Axial Machines, Indian Wave Soldering (RoHS) etc. SCL has international partnerships for development of indoor and outdoor LED products, SCL is in the process of ramping up capacity for both Electronic and LED Products. SCL shall shortly enter intoa partnership with a LED manufacturer to support SCL when it wants to start manufacturing the LED light engines in India.